Prognosis Quinté + Prix a Chamargue, Wednesday at Vincennes (R-1). CHENU Elected at CASTING!


It is offered a & # 39; Chamargue, fifth of this Wednesday in Vincennes, for 6-year-old merchants, those who did not win 195,000 euros. CASTADH CHENU (picture), The maximum money of fifteen applicants determined in this meeting is our choice, especially since it is here four times convicted, compared to the last two courses.

Quinté + Pmu Canalturf Options

15 CASTADH CHENU : Yes, no son The Baccarat Bridge Still looking for a & # 39; first successful Vincennes way. However, he confirmed the last winter that he had to count him in such a company and move barefoot for this race, his first goal of his & her; meeting. We prefer.

4 CLASSIC HAUFOR : This is protected Christian Bigeon There are six podiums, as three successes, in eleven exhibitions at the Paris-Vincennes race course. In addition, he can build on how he already won the proposed route, which is 2.700m G-P. Unsubscribed, he has logical advocates in this competition.

9 EXECUTIVE ACTION: One of its key features is no wisdom, with nine disqualifications in ten races. Despite this, it is also very difficult. Improving exercise and preventing a & # 39; giving trust Jean-Michel Bazireshe is able to talk to her again.

5 ALEX TROJBORG His three final public shows have been so successful, in October, at Enghien, Graignes and Reims. Although he does not mention Vincennes, he is returning with legitimate ambitions. Especially since it's getting on well with them Yoann Lebourgeois.

1 FARSAIS : It is not fitting to the heart. This Viking Trotter, is trained by Bjorn Goop, in fact it still has three continuous disqualifications. That said, he won a single-month race race last year, in February, on the main menu. Sage, it's a way to get carts.

10 COINTERIE CONCERT : Due to three last public trips, it has signed two handbags, which include seven successes from the beginning; April. Not only the good Cristal du Lupine, at the beginning of the month at Pont-Château. Just down: Paris-Vincennes race course is not mentioned.

12 MAPLE CLÀR-INNSE : The girl from Prince Gede have named at least five successes since the beginning of the year. In the sheer stage, after a profit runs back to Angers, she attacks the male men with concepts, at least to go, access route. For the amateurs of legitimate outsiders.

2 DRAGSTER : It is important to have a rapidly convicted disqualification that has been recorded in the recent quinté + Prix Mizar. In fact he was surprised at the end of that day. Counting eleven successes in 49 walks, reinforced about the behavioral courses, has a statue on the # 39; bringing out a lawsuit. There is a need for disorder.

If the secretary happens: 11 CAP DE NARMONT.

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