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Google wants to be the owner of a world of video games. The technological giant will attend the 2019 Game Developers (GDC) Conference event, which is today called t Project Stream. Google tries to make a difference between the big festival like Sony, with a Play Station, or a Nintendo, with its hybrid consul Nintendo Switch.

Then, everything that is known about the project that Google wants to influence the world of video games, the Stream project:

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In the few days I've left, Twitter userleaking"patent of Project Stream. Jason Schreier, editor of the famous Kotaku video games site, the information did not say that the images had been removed and that the patent was from 2014.

We give you the pictures of the order image: Current Project Stream: t

However, Google will deliver its final Project Project GDC 2019, which will start on the following Monday, March 18, and conclude on 22 nd month.

▶ How does the Project Stream work?

Project Stream will be the starting point for all the games, regardless of all technical requirements, through the internet. The Google console is based on it flow. It will be a key requirement to have a good Internet connection to avoid losing the connection between our computer and the servers, which may be thousands of kilometers away. Google recommends a minimum connection of 25 Mbps.

Its action will be very similar to those of Netflix. The Stre Stream Project project will have a catalog where you can select the most popular game (from Netflix, film or series).

▶ bhios When is the Google Project Stream available?

Presently, the Stream project is already available on a beginnings base in the United States. However, they would be officially launched at the next CDC 2019 in San Francisco.

Some months ago Google backed some tests on his Project Project. In a show video, the tech company showed how their video video Creed Assassin: Odyssey was played at 1080 pixels with 60 frames each second.

We leave your video to you to draw your own conclusions:

The 2019 Game Development Conference will run from 18 March to 22 of the same month.

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