Promoted by Buffett, it turned $ 200 to a million.


14 years ago when he was a student without money, Trevor Chapman started working as a salesman of door-to-door pests to earn money.

After that, his company launched its own solar panel, which expanded its jobs in three states. Two years after its establishment, however, something has been lost, and this is not the shortage of time spent in the office.

"The time is said," I'm 30 and a few years old, do I want to wait until one of my children is to? leave home to enjoy life to my degree? "you are Chapman.

His answer to this question has contributed heavily to cost $ 200 on, an online shop that offers a strange variety of things that do not matter. coming from China (Kevlar pants, active carbon toothpaste, wooden rooms, spiners and many other items).

Within three months, Chapman will be lit from 12 hours a day. Sun panel to one hour and a half hours a week until he arrives at the first $ 1 million in sale.

That is why Chapman proves that an e-commerce is a? offers the best chance for everyone to control their time and earn money, even for those who do not know how he wants to do something.

"In the summer, I and my family have been traveling for three months, something I've ever wanted to do, but I can not do it before. " I was tied to chains to make money, "he said.

How will this start?

Chapman was unhappy with the solar panel industry, and he did not see a way of change when he marked Warren Buffett as he said: "If you can not make a way of making money while you are Sleep, work until you die. "

Chapman decided that the best way to generate subsidiary income is an export. This is a big business. Sales online sales will increase by 20% – from 1.9 trillion. dollars to 2.3 trillion. dollar in 2015, according to the 2016 Ecommerce Foundation report.

But before he really thought he should leave his job, he wanted to make sure he would make a living from selling things on the internet.

"Trade online must work as anything else, but you do not have to give your other work to do business online," said Chapman, 34.

It will spend a few hours on & # 39; His new project, and does not have the first cost – about $ 200, he says. Chapman will buy a $ 2.99 range each year and his / her; Create Shopify account for $ 14 test.

The most expensive thing was when he started his & her; It costs $ 100 a day on Facebook advertising. will open on November 11, 2016

On the first day, Chapman lost money

He first sold the wrong stuff. "Initially, I would be selling the Mormon art online, which ran around 10 hours," he told CNBC. "I realized that what I was offering was not an attractive online site for moving traffic to the site."

In order to focus again, Chapman made a lesson learned from a company; Sun panel: "When you sell door to door, the product needs to be interesting enough to invite people home," said Chapman.

"Usually marketing online – to sort someone out of what you can see on Facebook, you have to offer something interesting."

So Mormon's artwork is depressed, and the sun lounges, which are popular in online shops, come to their place. By providing them with Chinese makers from Alibaba and Aliexpress, Chapman found other items that could buy for $ 4.99 and sold for $ 59.99.

For the expense and danger of holding stock in stock, he negotiated with providers (who used to spend China's most popular WeChat) to deliver orders to just from their warehouses in China to US customers – a user called droopshipping.

"This is the best way to verify whether or not the results are sold," he said.

Dropshielding also had other benefits: through a program called ePacket, a contract between the US postal service and postal operators related to online trading, LDSman was cheaper in China's supply, although there was a little delay in the West-

Provision of additional iPhone supports from Shanghai, for example, costs $ 2.29 or more than $ 5 cheaper than the US shipping.

Chapman made money while he was asleep

Orders were up to date & # 39; as he was asleep, and Chapman realized he had done something. "I have earned money on the second day of launching the site and every day thereafter," he says. Two weeks after launching, it generated $ 10,000 for sale for one day.

Chapman has finance financed a team in the Philippines to deal with customer service. Each member of the team will pay $ 700 a month (very low for American standards, but much more than a $ 400 average salary for the Philippines).

It will also increase its advertising budget on Facebook, and # 39; spend more money on advertising the results that attract the greatest benefit.

Two months after the start of the work, the problems that have been dropping away are not too long. The Chinese trader, who pays $ 80,000 for supplying satellite rooms, and # 39; Instead of the agreed product with a cheaper option.

How customers start to & # 39; Complaints, LDSman accounts for almost 1,500 items. However, Chapman says that he has overwrite his & # 39; This obstacle and reach a 48% pre-tax profit.

As a good businessman, Chapman will be able to do this – he's buying a 800-square storehouse in Salt Lake City and his / her; employing five employees. This is a move that allows LDSman to build business to the next level, but it's also something Chapman does not agree but does not want everyone, with the capital investment and the connection they need .

Chapman will be leaving business; Sun panel, and once there is a warehouse and staff, spend more than one hour per week working on the site and updating advertising on Facebook.

Shortly after the 92th day of the company, when the site created its location, The first $ 1 million in sales, business capital pressures based on the Clarke Capital campaign informed Chapman with his desire to add LDSman.

Chapman says that he has refused to claim about $ 3 million to maintain his independence and his income and time to work on his own projects.

For this now, this includes LDSman guidance and $ 350,000 of site sales per month. In the first six months of its release, the site has reached $ 2 million in sales. Chapman is also an online marketing course management.

Encouraged by his knowledge of trade with Chinese products, Chapman also has a " create a new start. Together with her brother-in-law, they established a logistics company that uses a free range of passenger aircraft, especially those at Delta Airlines, to bring Asia freight to low prices at the US.

He is the latest user of another online trading company called Amazon. A businessman is going to create $ 10 million in his first year income. Like its old company, most of the work is brought out to a team of people.

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