"Promoting nuclear bicycles and new financial support" Aomori 4 home town maker; Business Affairs Minister – Sankei news

"Promoting nuclear bicycles and new financial support" Aomori 4 City Governors called Business and Trade Minister, Sankei News

Heads of 4 towns will be in the Aomori Headquarters (Baile Mutsu, Rokke town, Oma-machi, Higashi town) where the established or designed nuclear power facilities will be met by Hiroshi Seihiro, Economic Minister and Business on 18 August. 4 towns asked the promotion of nuclear fuel distribution policy to reaffirm nuclear fuel consumed from a nuclear power plant and use it as a fuel for a nuclear power plant and a new financial support for the area. 4 In towns, there is a resumption of nuclear power plants and resources related to the distribution of nuclear fuels "not only as a result of business and economic activity in the area, but also ; detrimental to local people's confidence, which will have a significant impact on all nuclear power policy "Specified. We supported new financial support as a strong drive forward and expanding nuclear fuels and increasing subsidies. He also encouraged to & # 39; shows the route to reinstate nuclear early energy. According to Baila Miyashita Soichiro Miyashita, who responded to media coverage following the talks, a statement said "We can answer ourselves (from the Minister for Fisheries Agriculture) about new financial support." Political Article List Articles related to Shimokita Local Government Requests Local Government Requests for Aomori Prefecture High House of Parliamentary Senate Major Tokyo House "Rebellion Championship" Reight Competition House "Fight Inukawa Nuclear Re-Implementation Draft Draft Order Building Referendum Riaghladair Murai, the step on citizens "nuclear revival" free competition without agreement or decision? Mr Ozawa, the "Liberal Party" nuclear armament "message" is also a negotiate with national democracy

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