Promotion: Xiaomi Mi 9 SE for PLN 1400 and Xiaomi's rubbish cleaner for half price


In the GearVita shop you can buy advertising that you can buy Xiaomi Mi 9 SE and Redmi Note 7 at a very good price due to our discount codes. I also have a proposal for a clean sweeper from Xiaomi.

Are you looking for a high performing media with a big camera? Today I am offering you some encouragement Xiaomi Mi 9 SEbuy for about PLN 1,400. What's more, a good price will be obtained from Xiaomi. What will you do to take advantage of the promotion?

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE good price

Let's start with a really great mode, who is Xiaomi Mi 9 SE. In the GearVita store, you can buy it for around 1,400 zlotys for the 6/64 GB version. You will receive a discount code to reduce the price "Mi9SE64". If this capability is not enough, the difference with two times the cost is related to PLN 1514, and the coupon has "Mi9SE128". In each case, the listeners are sent from China, so you will have to wait up to 25 working days to process your order.

Fig. GearVita

Fig. GearVita

What does Xiaomi Mi 9 SE offer?

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is only a final draft of the main indicator.

Some of the better features than could be considered as "Large". 9. I used this word here, as the SE model has a smaller screen with a diameter of 5.97 inches. It is still OLED, and so their boundaries are large, and a fingerprint reader has been integrated with it.

For such money, it 's certainly one of the best smartphones you can buy now.

Redmi Note 7 for PLN 820

Redmi's second offer is Note 7 in the draft 4/64 GB. In the GearVita shop advertised, you can buy it for less than PLN 820, which you can get as a result of the discount code "RN7Phone". In this instance the loaders will be carried from China. The progress, as expected, is relevant to the round change.

Fig. GearVita

Fig. GearVita

What does Redmi Note 7 offer?

Notemi 7 is a low cost smartphone and a large screen. This is the picture of a medium-sized Xiaomi child. A Snapdragon 660 and 4000 mAh battery is a mix that operates in 99 per cent of the scenarios we encounter each day.

There is no reason, Redmi Note 7 in Poland and around the world is so popular – at this price it is one of the best choices.

Water cleaner Xiaomi for PLN 130

Finally, something for a place that is difficult to reach. You can buy a sweeper from Xiaomi for PLN 130, which is less than half the current price! You only have to use the code "FVQCar" when you buy. With your help you can easily keep your car inside and the corners of your home will be clean.

Fig. GearVita

Fig. GearVita

The article was created in collaboration with GearVita

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