Proper assignment The back of Luciana Salazar is "shot"


Certainly, you saw it on portals, on social networks, on TV programs or on radio: Luciana Salazar and Marley met on the Cover magazine and they gave their children, Matilda and Mirko. Everything was in front of the cameras and with video and video recordings to be published later in the accounts of these famous children.

But not just the children who were musicians: Luciana Salazar was also behind. As shown in the picture published by Flavio Mendoza (a close friend of Luciana and also a new father), there is a backdrop of colored model, with false marks. It is very difficult for this woman to do so that he would not forget his body (much more caring for him).

According to her own ones published on her Instagram, It would be an organic tin with an airbag made at home (and that was done by a company that serves many famous people). So, put the cloth with a low cut so that sign appeared on her; Skin attracts everyone's attention strongly. It can be a self-contained stain.

Remember that sunshine can be used every day, and to have a & # 39; avoiding wellbeing at a dangerous time damaging our skin and even our health.

Return to the back of Luli, we must say that is in the & # 39; video around the networks that you do not notice enough on the back. And the lights may have helped her or she did not. body behavior. Was it that an airport was made today?

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