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By choosing a gentle high calorie you can have a & # 39; Provide you to build key parts and healthier plates, according to study.

The study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, was moderately healthy or less healthy (new juices vs. lemon cakes) at the beginning or end of a university café line.

When the dinners made the cake first, then they chose a major calorie-calorie and then they did not spend less of the calcareous calories that first chose the first fruits.

These effects were not detected when a branch was put at the end of the food line, researchers said.

"We believe that electors who have chosen the independent dinner first began to build a bigger and healthy diet for the high calorie dress," said Martin Reimann, professor at the University of Arizona in the USA.

"Elections who built the healthier dish may think they had done a good job for their bodies and so they were entitled to an additional higher calorie down the café line," said Reimann.

There were online problems as well as a food delivery website that equals results, but only when participants were hitting because they had much of their mind.

In that case, the partners who chose to # 39; Most generously first are more likely to continue to behave; Making unhealthy choices by raising gold and high hedges, researchers said.

In the cafeteria test, researchers interviewed 134 diners about healthy eating after they went through the cafeteria line.

Over four days, a new cocoa cake or new moth (but not both) was placed in the line or at the end of the line.

There was also a key and full of healthy and healthy water. Selected electors were most uncomfortable at first; The average consumption of a lower 30 per cent of calories (including a "magus") was the dinners that first built the healthier calf.

Applicants who were choosing to & # 39; Cheese cheese was twice a bit more likely to order the sauce dishier safer than the diners that built the cake at the end of the line.

The researchers controlled other variations that could impact on the results, and # 39; including age, gender, large body index, diet, exercise and healthy eating ideas.

It was the only change that had a huge impact; old age, with the difference in consumed calories grown by age.

As the relationship and the staff also used to use; Café, the age of the participants aged 18 to 60 years was 32 years on average.

Since online food delivery services have become more popular, the survey included three online exams to & # 39; Using the same design as the cafeteria test but with a wonderful website for food delivery.

The milse options were a fruit salad or chocolate cake. In the first test, 160 participants were asked how hungry they were doing; Thinking about eating everything they chose, so a total calorie measurement could be considered.

The results similar to the café cafeteria surveyed many calories that were evaluated for a whole meal when the cake cake partners first chose the fruit salad.

In another online survey with 180 partners, the results were similar when a healthy or unhealthy dish was first donated on the menu of food delivery at the beef place.

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