Protect the unity of Arab states with political solutions


Tomorrow, in the new edition of Al-Bawaba, published on Thursday, 28 March 2019, read a series of topics and individuals: t

Sisi and Bin Zayed: Preserve the unity of Arab states with political solutions

13 tons of meat, hens and fish in 14 governments

Another terrorist threatens to murder the murder of Abdel Rahim Ali

«Watering» monitoring the attacks on the Nile with satellite

«Ministers» approves the draft historic budget for revenue 2019/2020 of 1.5 trillion

Ministers discuss the Africa's infrastructure development program

Hurghada is one of the world's great romantic places

Egypt is taking part in the Earth Hour

50 billion pounds for the implementation of national projects in the Red Sea

Add the arrangements to complete the lists waiting before Ramadan

The opt-out line for dealing with people involved in the state state is entirely confidential t

On the west coast of Scotland, there is a ban on the New Zealand mercury attack

Mohammed and Asma will celebrate the wedding in St. Catherine

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