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CHICAGO – Three thoughts out of the 25-20 influence of Bears over the Vikings in Chicago Sunday Night Football


Although the rest of the league's leading teams get 40-point points regularly, Chicago is Ensure protection is still important. The Bears defended the QB Kirk Cousins ​​Vikings twice as the fifth was one of their seasons (Khalil Mack) on the outside of the river (the Vikings do not; let Riley Reiff see what to see this game). B & B was a military force; in Mack across the whole match that was similar to the Rif, as he was regularly Reif's control of the way to relatives, look at this brutal movement of one-stop stab.

The Bears protection, which is the league's guide to 18 invasion of this season, is reported in the # 39; first half by restricting the Vikings just 77 yards of total crime, compared to 20 yards in Chicago. Minnesota had a third-party problem with its first four possessions and despite the fact that there were so many weapons of crime, it would not appear to be the case; getting anything offending. They also lost two out of three walkers in Chicago, and they did not succeed. first visit to leave them less than five minutes in the fourth quarter. The Vikings have been struggling with their & # 39; their game throughout the season, and defending the Bears Minnesota defenses to 22 yards; flow as a team.

Naturally, the play proved to be a defensive defensive attack for Chicago, one fifth of the season. With eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Vikings were continue with eight points. Well in the Viking boundaries, Cousins ​​threw to Laquon Treadwell who was getting help of her; The first dropping of a driver would be crucial if the Vikings lived in the house; game. Safety Eddie Jackson reads the path to Treadwell perfectly, and sent away the choir of the choirs from head over Treadwell's head. He returned 27 yards into the head belt to insert the Bears up 22-6.

Coach of Bears Matt Nagy recognizes that his crime does not consistently increase his defense, and in games as a Sunday night he is in a position; do just that he needs to live. "I think the crime has been enough," he said after a game. There was an excellent level of Chicago crime. According to Viking protection, this is the lowest protection in the league, and the Bears changed 50%.

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Not every day the NFL team goes for two after a 9-0 lead, but that's what Nagy has done Sunday Night Football in Chicago. And Nagy did not stop that; he made the two-point decision again after the translation of Eddie Jackson, he read the Laquon Treadwell path perfectly and sent a ball from the Co-cousins ​​at the 26-yard Bears line for put-six-to-put the Bears up 20-6. Mitchell Trubisky succeeded in turning turns two points, which did not happen to the Bears since 2014, when Jay Cutler finished two two-way switching in one game against Patriots. And the second two-point turn was even more surprising because Adam Shaheen's tough trubisky target was very tight, The first game of this season after the implementation of IR.

In his first season as coach, Nagy had not gone for two hours before Sunday, a successful turn on the week against the size of a small sample of the Lion, but a very good record. Look out, the future neighbors of Bears, this may be the beginning of a streak. Nagy's unusual choices were paid due to Viking crime within five points, 25-20.

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There is a new energy in Chicago, and the Bears look and see; feel fun. This is the life of a team who was playing a regional competition. establishing more comfortable management in the department.

Example 1: Due to its game, a banner hung a banner in the & # 39; northwest zone which shows a shelter of hostility long & It was a picture of the side inside the earlier benefit of this season. Read the flag, SMILE, THE SONG!

Example 2: Kicker Cody Parkey welcomed four clans out of the week, and so when he made his first attempt on his / her. Their plan on this week, the people were out of each other, mourning more than I ever heard of a visit that did not make a game.

Example 3: The receipt of Anthony Miller was a play, sat down in the endzone and began to stretch an imaginative boat. There were a number of crew members on the ties in front and behind in the boat, fighting hard in association to mark the score.

Example 4: After the safety of Eddie Jackson Cousins ​​built, his co-crew gathered in front, and looked at it. Jackson was attacking as an orchestra leader while His teams played musical instruments, and they all gave a drama bow.

NBC's Michele Tafoya briefly described Sunday's game. Nagy's words have written in large letters on the playoffs every week, and Tafoya explained that he closed on his showcase because he did not. He advised his son his son when he was interviewing for the Bears head coach work. Nagy's son told him: "Dad, just be in you." Nagy lives very well with her. Wisdom by itself, and those Bears are not known for it.

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