Protection staff want 7,000 euros every chromium-6 case, just like in Tilburg


Previously-trained staff working with chromium-6 carcinogenic paints want the same compensation money to victims in Tilburg.

Yme Drost's personal injury expert appealed against his or her behalf on behalf of over 100 clients today. Ann, he wants 7,000 jobs for all Defense staff who did not appear enough to chromium-6 over time, regardless of their impact; at all times.

Drost's bid agrees with a slightly higher claim of 9000 eaten by Limburg Rob Bedaux's lawyer trying to act through the courts on behalf of a large group.

More generous

The city called Tilburg last week that every 800 people working in a controversial conversation from 2004 to 2012 deserved a compensation of 7,000 euros. Inside that project, almost not. They found on unprotected trains ever in a NedTrain workshop. Crome-6 had a paint on those trains. People who have developed a disease associated with the toxic poison appear to receive an additional compensation of 5000 to 40,000 euros.

The Tilburg scheme, which is still to be agreed by its home council, is more generous than the agreement agreed by the military unions last summer with the staff of the Visser State Defense. General arrangements for all staff were lost there.

The only victims of compensation from Ministry of Defense are patients with a disease found on the RIVM list of diseases associated with crromium-6. So, Bedaux's personal injured claimant wants Tilburg's decision to "separate" week.

Not badly treated

According to a spokesman for their home, this design was selected due to its location. a special opportunity. Only Tilburg people were exposed to unprotected dangerous material, this also happened in the context of a re-creation project in which beneficiary recipients, according to a survey committee, were treated badly. The risk of losing the benefits of those who refused to stop the trains was at risk.

This combination does not & # 39; related to Protecting staff who blocked her & # 39; principle that people from the government to a dangerous substance that He could not be just dangerous for their health, but that itself implies a securities fund, and if that does not I will go to the administrative court on behalf of my clients. "

In addition to the settlement in Tilburg, Drost also refers to victims in the & # 39; Groningen hit a rabbit. The court was in Assen before her & # 39; They regulate that they have compensated compensation from Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) for the destruction of non-material, such as damage to pleasure to survive as a result of fear, tension and weight.


In the first answer, Protection and its & # 39; Cabinet said they are still studying the Tilburg scheme. "Protective protection is safe that no sum can reduce the tolerance of our old colleagues." The scheme we have agreed with the unions is based on the scientific research of the RIVM, and outside experts have been used. to reach a fixed scheme. "

Debie chairman about the VBM trade union itself see that there is no way to do it; Opening the existing scheme at the Ministry of Defense. "That's up to politicians."

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