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The scale of biology at both scales has a major role: think about spinning of DNA, the human heart is located on the left, using a left or right choice … Any Institute Team Valrose (CNRS / Inserm / Université Côte d 'Azur), in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Pennsylvania, has shown the presence of one protein containing movable movement in another molecle. Due to domino's effects, this causes cells, organs, and indeed all its body; move, and conduct behavior on the other side. This research is published in the magazine Science on November 23, 2018.

Our fundamental world is inconsistent: think about the double helices of DNA, the inconsistent division of cellularities, or the fact that human heart is located on the left … But how does it appear? These disorders, and are they connected together?

At the Valrose biology Institute, the team is run by a CNRS researcher, Stéphane Noselli, which also includes Inserm researchers and Université Cote d 'Azur, to & # 39; An incorrect criterion left on the left for several years to solve these initiatives. The biologists had identified the first genealogy that had been in place; Controlling inconvenience in the common fruit flies (Drosophila), one of the deserted habitats that resemble biologists. Later recently, the team showed that this gene generates the same place in vertebrates: it is the protein that it is; doing, Myosin 1D, control control or movement of members alike.

In this new study, the researchers have influenced the creation of Myosin 1D in Drosophila's equilateral conventional groups, such as the respiratory trachea. Amazingly, this was enough to stimulate inconsistencies at all levels: deformed cells, trachea and behavior around them, moving the whole body, and the conduct of helical locomotives among larvae plane. Amazingly, the new equities will always evolve in the same way.

To find out what effect was there; These cascading effects, biologists from the University of Peninin added to the project also: on the printing of glass, they introduced into Myosin 1D into a component of cytoskeleton ("backbone "chill", that is actin. They were able to show that the interaction between the two protons caused the actin to move through.

In addition to its position in left inconsistencies within Drosophila and vertebrates, Myosin 1D seems to be the unique prototype that can incapacitate incentive in each layer, first at molecular level, then , through domino effects, cells, knitwear, and behaviors. These results suggest a possible way to do & # 39; Looking awake on new morphological features over development, for example, how hunting groups are going back. So, Myosin 1D seems to have the essential features to introduce this innovation, because the word is just a problem for promoting each scale.

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