Protest "euroblacker": finishing with a & # 39; Poland began to crack a car


Car drivers with foreign numbers were able to perform. Some state-of-the-country boundaries with Poland are completely locked.

In the Lviv division on Monday, November 26, prosecutions lost part-to-face traffic through examinations of the Polish-Polish borders. Ukrinform writes about this to & # 39; refers to local defense police.

According to the ministry, at the Krakovets area, activists started to dispatch a bus package. At Sheghini's inspection area, every half an hour, several cars are abandoned. The situation with the route to the Rava-Russkaya inspection area is still unchanged.

There are other Czech points at the state boundaries with Poland completely locked.

Remember that the Czech points on the borders of Hungary and Poland at 15:00 there were an increase in car charges.

It was also reported that automated car owners started on the 25th of November to block survey points in the western part of the border.

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