Protestants, spar campaigners at a Philadelphia rally in Philadelphia


A conservation rally that was held in Philadelphia on Saturdays attracting servers against fear that more prolonged groups such as the Proud Boys could look like. The "We the People" rally was expected to start at the end of the morning and will take place at the Philadelphia Independence Mall in the early afternoon.

The event's Facebook page says it's a rally for a "silent majority" made up of "Patriots, Militia, 3%, an American constitution that brings great love, pro cop, for ICE, for law and order, professor, pro-American pro pro, pro gun and illegal immigration. "The incident's description adds," ITS [sic] MAKING YOU MAKE HAS MAKE HAS MAKING THE HAND! "

Although a Facebook page said "violence, racism or a party or individual show show is banned," there is a concern that the rally may turn brutally turning into the hands of beautiful and beautiful groups; appear. Proud Boys, a national group of all-white white names that members often can, Attending high white elevations like the "Unite the Right" race in Charlottesville in 2017, appearing at the rally.

The Conservatives are at the right side of the Root & # 39; We The People in Philadelphia Amid Counter Protests

Protestants gather on Independence Mall in Philadelphia on November 17, 2018.

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A few initiatives have been organized, including one with PushBack's advanced campaign. The Facebook campaign against the campaign said: "Philadelphia residents and relatives need to resist this increase of the initiatives that involve the culture and politics of their home."

On Saturday morning, some attendants came well ahead of the rally themselves. The police have been arrested at least one person.

There were a number of servers who had signs of Ghritty, a Flyer Philadelphia Flyer that was co-opted as an antifa system with some left. Daily Beast Will Sommer Reporter tweet pictures of signpost. There were around twelve campaigners who showed the "We the People", and were far larger than those who attended the face.

Max M. Marin, political editor and reporter for Billy Penn, video a Twitter showing "proud boy" who was named as the leader of the removal of his / her son; complaint. The attack was arrested and an unrestricted police sent to Independence Mall, according to Marin.

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