Protests from high fuel prices have spread from France to Belgium


According to the local Belgian newspapers, called by the DPA, campaigners that were decorated in yellow cards were created; chaos blocking road work. Trees were on the road, and one of the trucks was covered by fire.

In the last few days, activists have to block access to the fuel storage that has at its disposal. Full Oil Company in the town of Feluy. The authorities in the Hainaut District have been shown by a collection of police, firefighters and an ambulance room in an emergency center in Mons, Belgian recites that.

The Belgian exhibitors follow the example of the French, where hundreds of thousands of people on the streets have taken over the past, trying to stop the increase in petrol and diesel prices and the government builds fuel fires on vehicles.

The movement was shaped on social networks and, apparently, does not have official leadership, reporting the DPA.

The campaigns started on Saturday, saying that her first day died, and about 50 people were injured. Around 124,000 people gathered around two thirds of Saturday's complaints throughout the country, according to the Minister of Interior within Christophe Castaner.

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