Provision of Apple to oppose their legal battle –


The iPhone users have Apple's application; Invite consumers to pay extra money for using Apple app by sending them up to $ 50,000. Remove from hundreds of billions of dollars of the app stores.

The British Daily Telegraph report sat on Saturday that users were able to get their & # 39; A class action degree should be made against Apple in 2017. Then Apple has appealed to the High Court to turn the court's decision.

If Apple is off, the business model of the fastest section that is in its. grows and most of the profits of the app's resources are at risk.

By generating 30% of the app's sales per year through the App Store, Apple will earn billions of dollars in income. Although the iPhone and iPad sales speed was confirmed, wages from applications in the year 2017 were up to one third to $ 385 billion, according to the IANS report.

The lawyers asked the lawsuit, "iPhone users need to pay millions of dollars more than any other market that is the competition for the iPhone's iPhone."

In the order of the United States Court of 1977, it is said that only "direct merchants" will receive compensation for antitrust breakdown. Based on this order, Apple is trying to complete its & # 39; this case.

The company says that only developers have a & # 39; The price determination of the apps in the App Store, not Apple. IPhone users buy direct apps from makers And the reason for this challenge is due to Apple's app app policies as the lowest price, Apple is & # 39; sell apps to Apple users.

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