Provision of protocols clinics to prevent cases of genetic abuse


Different The country's clinics have updated their rules to prevent issues of sexual or sexual impairment against the patient or staff, following a series of complaints received during the past year.

As published Mercury, some of the private centers have created complaint channels and even put staff in the course of physical exams, to avoid risk situations.

The former constituent president of Santiago of the Medical College, Pablo ArayaHe said "people who feel they have more opportunities to address these issues and they are not heard". That is also our help as doctors to question how we are doing; doing things. "

For him, who was the president of the Medical College, Enrique Paris, he said that these habits were always common in Pediatrics, but that is "The same level of care is similar to other experts; It is important to give more protection to the patient. "

Positive steps

In a & # 39; Cliona Las Condes, his medical leader, May Chomalí, stressed "actions to create any one A cultured culture against a cause of sexual harassment and abuse ", which includes the creation of an Interventional Program, which is a. trying to deliver prevention tools, communication strategies, emotional guidance and complex situations management.

In addition, as a percentage of patients, it has been selected to provide an assistant who is ill- Join the doctor in physical exams in experts such as Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, In Medicine and Gynecology.

In case Indisa clinic, you will search "deepening and innovation in activities that protect everyone's privacy and privacy " through regeneration of internal control, where "is designated as you will deal with complaints about sex harassment, protection of the person who has an impact and the steps taken ".

President of the Medical Department of the Medical College, Arturo Paillalef, said "changes were seen from clinics, both from making the reporting lines easier and more accessible, to more protection for patients during physical checks. "

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