Prozac antidepressant drugs that provide modest behaviors to the other three generations in fish


Fish that is open to the Prozac antidepressant drugs will provide modest behaviors to the next three generations, and Raising questions about what may happen to humans who have mothers taking the drug.

At the University of Ottawa, researchers of Vance Trudeau and Marilyn Vera-Chang showed fish and new fish eggs given to Prozac levels that were similar to what would happen to them; crossing its human and personal garden; streaming.

Trudeau and others have been experiencing the effects of these drugs in fish for years, taking into account the effects they may have to re-use.

Dr. Marilyn Vera-Chang at the University of Ottawa investigates her fish in the laboratory.

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He and Vera-Chang say they were feeling that the next step should be & # 39; Look at changes in the next generation of breeding systems of fish – some of the fish that were open to Prozac. Both researchers investigate the effect of hormone on the brain.

But the effects they found were a new type: they were changes in the behavior of fish.

"They were very spectacular and they had the pressure to do," Trudeau said in an interview.

Many fish species have a way to explore non-familiar surroundings, such as a new tank. They swim up, down and around, switch to a new home. In the outdoor battle, this behavior will be Help them to appear when they should go to; Seeking food and when they should hide.

But Prozac was not open to fish when they were still in the egg. They swim to the base of the tank and his / her; Most lived there.

Professor V Ottawa Trudeau University and researcher Dr Marilyn Vera-Chang.

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"This type of behavior is very important in all biodiversity. It is a type of behavior" in which an animal learns how it will handle the surroundings, said Trudeau.

Although the test did not investigate Prozac alone, Trudeau said that he would expect similar results from other members of the class of defamation, which are all at all. brain chemical orientation called serotonin.

"We did not find out that the (change) continued for two generations," he said. He suspects the effect of "epigenetic", in which the children and grandchildren of the fish are exposed to Prozac with a normal gene, but something that generates these genera. Turn action out and out in an unusual pattern.

"We are influencing these transitions."

Contrast hormone levels called cortisol were also unusual; they were smaller than they should be.

Although the exams used a generic species of genetics known as zebra fish, he says that there is a greater issue of the likelihood of humans.

"We are currently using 1.5 of fluoxetine (Prozac) now. It came to market in 1987."

Trudeau said he would not "totally" give advice to people who are " remove or stop stopping & # 39; banned.

COMHARR – Prozac.

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"There are also huge benefits for these types of drugs, in fact, they can live in some situations. However, it is important to follow a doctor's advice and take the prescribed dose. The future debate should Be aware that such medicines have a much greater impact than we have ever thought about, as our work clearly shows that today we can influence for future generations, "he said.

There is some evidence that children who are pregnant women are long and ill; They are pregnant with low food and are "slightly worse" than the other children.

"We knew, and we have the biggest question: Is it going? What about their children? … What is the impact of their children? people? "

He said that other non-drugs could have an adverse effect on a permanent impact but the test was only used by Prozac.

MORE: How can the drugs affect our children or grandchildren?

For Vera-Chang, the work was the basis for its PhD learning. She spent three years working with about 6,000 zebra fish, even coming to the lab on Christmas to keep the nourishment and tanks well.

"It was a really challenging study," she said. "The variables needed to be a regular generation after a generation" to ensure that any result caused by the drug and not with changes in food, temperature or water, or even the person who made the food.

"Shorts can affect future generations – six days early in life," she said.

Their paper is published this week in PNAS, one of the top three world science issues in the world.

Outside the bed, Prozac affects wildlife because it's a Going into lochs and rivers, Trudeau said. The active chemicals are still stable even when the body is exposed to them in urine, and that medicines can not be treated with medicinal sewage.

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