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There are more expectations about it PS5 and the next thing Xbox. Marc-André Jutras an authorized voice to improve what's coming into the consoles for the future. Technical director of independent study Cradle Games (Hellpoint) and co-worker Ubisoft and Activision Share some of his strategies for designing new tools Sony and Microsoft.

During interview GamingBolt, Jutras said PS5 and the new one Xbox they could be Memory of RAM from 8 to 12 GB. The reason for these figures is that there is no need for a game for consolations at the moment 16 GB.

" I do not think we'll see 16GB of RAM, because it's not Most games use a lot of RAM at least. I think the next generation between 8 and 12 maybe"Jutras said.

" What we see is, however, very similar to a good number of blames. I'm not surprised if the next generation of Ryzen 2600 or something like that. Because he is very stable, inexpensive and has many cores"he said.

Jutras said that the next consoles will stand out for what they are VRAM (Random graphic memory), instead of memory built in. That does the graphics 4K Do not be so urgent for the machine.

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