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The Xbox One appears to have been released since Microsoft was released.

One accident crash after the Xbox One event before it was even possible to launch, from the DRM dispute that was constantly deciding to & # 39; bundle a chonsail with a dear Kinect machine that nobody wanted.

But while it's too late for the Xbox One to be a huge challenge for the PS4, Microsoft has been in & # 39; laying down the work for a positive successive generation is much more successful.

With Microsoft to move on the right track, this is the reason why b & # 39; The Xbox Two loves the PS5 in the next generation war console.

Boat boat of any business …

One of the main reasons Microsoft has been experiencing in & # 39; The battle against Sony is the lack of any debts. Forza Horizon in this regard, there are not many Xbox One games that would play an PlayStation 4 owner.

Fortunately, this seems to be a change, after Microsoft announced that there are many studios in 2018. Among them are Ninja Theory, Hellblade developer, inXile and Obsidian RPG experts, as well as Play Play Games, Undead Labs and Compulsion.

This should be the result of a more diverse archive of special games, not just Gears of War and Halo.

Games required …

Xbox Geometry is one of Microsoft's best ideas in recent years, allowing tunnel subscribers of new Xbox One and Xbox 360 games brand new and classic brands for low monthly tax.

With Microsoft to buy a lot of studios and their; spreading more than ever before, Pass Pass is the most popular and most popular proposal for Xbox owners.

If there is anything, you can expect Microsoft to take things later with its & # 39; game paste and a variety of memberships for even more choice.

The most powerful console …

Although it has been too late for Microsoft, Xbox One X has been very successful since its launch last year. The most powerful mobile quote on the market, Xbox One X has made multi-consolating owners about what platform they want to buy their new answers.

Just add, if you want to make the most of a new freelance, you're sure to play Xbox One X.

Microsoft default has a repeat gene button; Overcoming PS5, Sony could have been a real problem.

Cross-platform …

If there is anything, Fortnite has shown us, it is a real support for overseas play and comedy. I want to be able to sign in to the account. I'm sorry for Switch when I'm lunch, and then I'll complete the same profile on the Xbox One or PS4 when I come home.

Likewise, I want to be able to play multi-game games with and against my friends despite their stage.

Although Sony has played a high stage play without any doubt for selected titles, Microsoft has responded to their ideas, which are well maintained for the next generation.

Coherence back …

One of the biggest benefits of Xbox One over PS4 is in line with conventions, not just with Xbox 360 games, but also original Xbox solutions.

Although there are rumblings that Sony can also view reconciliation with the PS5, the Xbox Two is certain to ensure that this action is correct from its & # 39; box.

Microsoft is more likely to be at e # 39; go back and allow these older games to change without extra cost – see SSX 3 for an example of how Microsoft has taken a new life into an old classics.

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