PSG emergency war as Cavani Meunier joins Neymar in missing Manchester United ban


Paris Saint-Germain has convinced that they will definitely have to resist Edinburgh Cavani for his & her; Twelve of the League Lupped Tuesday 16 away at Manchester United, and Thomas Meunier is back out too.

Cavani, 31, is injured in his / her right column; Punishment for the same purpose of his & her; game in 1-0 Saturday. Law 1 home won over Bordeaux, and the PSG statement said: "Medical studies have shown that they are injured in Edinson right back.

"The treatment of this debit and its non-attendance will depend on the development of debts over the next few days."

The PSG coach, Thomas Tuchel, has been the worst of being the worst from Saturday and was dropped after Bordeaux won that he was not confident that Cavani would return in time for his trip to Manchester. His opinion was not changed before Sunday's morning when he was He spoke with ITF's Telefoot.

"There's no good news tonight," he said. "Edinson has done experiments and there are more tests here at the training center. My awareness is that it will be very difficult to be in Manchester.

"In any case, we have to wait a little more because the exams are still going on. The club will be able to consult this a bit later. I think that The story is very good. I still have some hope, but the exams were not good.

"I'm worried, just because we have lost key players. In these games, the European League's decision games, you need the most important men of their knowledge of how they are familiar with How to handle weight in such games. "

On Saturday, Tuchel discovered that Cavani, Marco Verratti and Neymar were injured over the last week who had moved from "Plan B to Plan D!"



Le Edinson Cavani wounded against Bordeaux, the FC panel will be able to go. Investigate how PSG would go up if it is ruled against Manchester United.

Meunier has been in the loss of Old Trafford's casualties after a bad disaster on Francois Kamano at Bordeaux on Saturday and PSG said that Belgium's international will not be available until the end of the year. next week.

The "Thomas" survey of ecologists was very light, " Read the statement. "It will not be available until the next brain consultation at the weekend."

Before the Cavani and Meunier were injured, Tuchel knew he was without Neymar after he had been steered for more than two months and a part of the fifth metatarsal broken in his right leg for many year.

However, it's good news for Tuchel that the midfielder Marco Verratti has won his race to be fit after he has been able to go. overwhelming spaghetti and backpackers to play for an hour against Bordeaux to prove that Old Trafford is fitness ahead.

PSG Meunier could be reimbursed to return his case against his & # 39; March in March, but Neymar has already been ruled out of the same thing, and there are medical wells identified to ESPN FC that Cavani has already opposed a battle to prepare for the casualty of Parc des Princes.

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