PSG-Liverpool / Verratti: "Ultimate"


Before he started in Liverpool in the European League of Wednesday, Paris Saint-Germain still has his poem in his hand. Geama chopper, who won all the Parisians, who failed to be in a position; lost. Something difficult to reach against a team who is constantly trying to make an attack, but it is not impossible.

The game promises to have a debate, Marco Verratti is very aware of it. In an interview with her; Corriere dello Sport During the international disaster, the "Owl" spoke about his approach to his game, and hopes that PSG will be involved in the right way.


"We have our poem with hands"

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Marco Verratti and Gianluigi Buffon, the two Italians at PSG.Photograph of Credit – Icon Sport

The first four days have shown that a & # 39; Our organization is very tough and everything has been decided at the last minute. One of these three clubs (Naples, Liverpool and PSG, ed) will be deleted and we do not want it to be. We have a hard game at home against the Reds, but we have confidence. Let's not forget that we have our poem by hand and if we win the last two games, we will be qualified. We need to be able to make sure that we; targeted and targeted as the next Wednesday it will be final.

More inspirational than ever, Verratti does not think for one second losing the C1 rates at this season. And for that, he has a big role in the middle of a field. If it adopts a metronome role and discharges its features against the Reds, red and blue can argue.

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