PSG – PSG: Thiago Silva announces her magic portion to put Liverpool down


PSG: Thiago Silva presents her brilliant rush to put Liverpool down

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On Wednesday night, Paris Saint-Germain is expected to hit Liverpool's face. It must be said that, despite unrealization, the certificate for its & # 39; a 16-year-long tour. What, as might be, would be the big blow for Thomas Tuchel's trousers. So on the official PSG website, Thiago Silva has sent a message to her partners. The Brazilian captain has asked the entire Parisian group to play with her; heart, but not only. Indeed, he will send feelings about and play with information to get involved with Mohamed Salah partners.

"It's a great deal to beat Liverpool. There's not enough match against that team. This is the tall, it's well prepared. It's a vital game. It will be essential to play with its head, not just with its heart. We need to play, but we need to do it with information. Much of the quality is on both sides, and the information will be different. We will be at home and, with our followers behind, we will be even stronger, because the atmosphere in the Park is very beautiful " He explained to Thiago Silva who mourns that the draw is a promised against Naples. A game that the PSG could be treated to vary slightly with a bit smaller and knowledge. And who would serve for their match against Liverpool Wednesday …

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