PSG Refunds to Neymar return to La Liga


The PSG board seems to have taken a move to name Neymar back to La Liga, according to the Spanish media.

PSG Refunds to Neymar return to La Liga

Neymar has entered your PSG in the summer release window with a € 222 million transfer fee. However, life in the capital of Paris seems to expect how the Brazilian strike strikes; expectations.

So the star is really great for returning to La Liga the next season although PSG is against it. However, before the decision of the birth born in 1992, PSG appears to have accepted the particular &

PSG Neymar
PSG is no longer able to ensure that Neymar is a & # 39; strive for strive

According to stores in Betevé in Barcelona, ​​the PSG and the board of Neymar have made their first agreement as to whether the Brazilians should return to La Liga the next season. Its tax was transferred for its & # 39; This situation was set at 200 million euros, the PSG lost a 22 million euros.

We know that the old Barcelona team is going to land in Neymar in Spain. André Cury, who was a Catalan club representative, joined Neymar in London this weekend to talk about re-meeting.

In a fear that Barca does not have enough money to pay for PSG, their Real Madrid competitor will be participating. Ever since Neymar has been unhappy with his life in Paris, Los Blancos has been closely with the captain of Brazil to give him to Bernabeu.

After leaving Ronaldo, Los Blancos have been disappointing from this season. President Florentino Perez is so urgent that the new leader in Real and Neymar is the option.


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