PSG will leave Neymar for a cure, and an astrophysics will pass on to it; Carnival in Brazil


In the treatment of new injuries in the right turn metatarsal, Neymar will return to Brazil for a short time.

This Wednesday, the Paris Saint-Germain It is said to say that the Brazilians will be home to their home for ten days from Thursday.

Unfortunately, the ten days in Brazil on Neymar will take the Carlemale weekend, the largest national holiday, in the region of Brazil.

Counting ten days from Thursday, Neymar would have a living in Brazil until March 2, the second day of Carnival.

If he is to count from Friday, he would stay to Sunday, March 3.

When wounded at the end of January, the revival estimate was nine to ten weeks.

Due to the wound in the Metatarsal, which resulted in the 2018 World Cup, Neymar lost the duel against Manchester United for the last 16 of the Uefa Champions League. Old Trail 2-0 PSG won.

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