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Ma Xiaoguang, Taiwan Business Office spokeswoman in mainland. (Official Office of Taiwan Office / State Office office)
Ma Xiaoguang, Taiwan Business Office spokeswoman in mainland. (Official Office of Taiwan Office / State Office office)

Taitung Puyuma stopped his car and dropped hundreds of deaths and injuries. The official units are located on both sides of the firth: the mainland business of the Mainland Business and the Taiwan Business Office in Great Britain is a simple interaction. The Taiwan Business Office published a statement by expressing real wishes. Tell the MAC on both sides about the cure of two farms.

On the 22nd, the Taiwan Business Affairs Department published a statement saying that a train in Taiwan was removed in Yilan at 16:50 on October 21, and 18 people were killed and more than 180 wounds.

After the disaster, the relevant authorities were very involved. The head of the Taiwan Business Office of the State Council and its maritime society sent deep feelings to the dead colonists in the disaster and expressed emotions to the families of the people who had died. suffering and the wrestling competitors.

As a result, the MAC responded by saying, in response to the feelings and concerns of Taiwan's Ministry of Preservation Office in the mainland of China on the morning of the 22nd, the MAC thanked him. The MAC twice informed the Taiwan Business Office that two people in Rescue and the medical situation of people in China's mainland were injured in the disaster.

The MAC said Ms Yao, a Chinese spouse who got an ID card, was sent to the intensive care unit of Madonna Luodong Hospital. There was another Chinese spouse, Ms. So, who was still in the platform for living in the family, was subject to small injuries.

The MAC commented that the MAC and the SEF had given a special person to visit Yilan Luodong Hospital on the morning of 22 March for the injured person, Ms. So, the MAC also called. His family said that the government was concerned about sympathy. The MAC and the SEF will continue to work with relevant organizations to support the rescue needs in general.

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