PUBG Mobile: Tips and Tricks for Survival and Success


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile has quickly become one of the most popular mobile games today. If you already have the game or are looking to get it soon, read on for some tips and tricks that will be crucial to not only surviving in the game, but also to achieving success.


PUBG Mobile has a training mode that allows new players to get a feel for the game first before going into live matches and veterans to have a place where they can try out new tactics or strategies before applying them in actual play. Use the mode as much as possible. Go around maps that you want to play in and find out where the different kinds of weapons can be found. Aside from that, use training mode to learn the lay of the land too. Look for easily defensible positions such as high ground or tall buildings that you can set up camp in or find out where the hotspots are in the map and possible ambush points you can use.


While this may be a bit self-explanatory, it goes beyond the fact that playing with people you know would mostly be more fun than playing with strangers. Having a friend or two that you can closely practice and cooperate with will help all of you in improving your game. Set up roles for each other, one person can equip grenades and rifles and be the one to charge at enemies while the other can take up a sniper rifle and be more of a support player. Being aware of what you have to do from the get-go will give you a leg up from other players. Knowing that you have someone to watch your back is always nice too.


Most new players, and even some who have been playing the game for a long time, have a habit of just wandering aimlessly and waiting for something to happen. Such a mindset can leave you vulnerable to other players who know what they are doing. Learn to take a methodical approach to your play. Before even jumping out to the map, decide on where you want to land, what routes you will take to get to where the weapons are, and whether you will look for a defensible position or stake out an ambush spot. Whether you want to go on the offensive or stay in a defensive stance, it always pays to be sure of what you want to do. Have a plan for when the map starts to really shrink as well, as this will be the most chaotic phase of the game and where most players can be caught unawares and eliminated. Know what you have to and want to do, because knowing is already half the battle.


As should be obvious, weapons play a big part in PUBG Mobile, you depend on them for your survival in-game after all. However, just mindlessly picking up whichever weapon you come across in the map will not cut it. Aside from knowing where weapons can be found, you should also know which weapons you want to get and which you are most comfortable with. For the most part, power and recoil are the two biggest factors in choosing a weapon as they determine how long it will take to take an enemy down. In PUBG, every second counts during an encounter, as that extra second of recoil can give the enemy you're shooting at the time he needs to retaliate. Go to training mode, get all the weapons you can and test them out. Figure out which ones are the most powerful, which ones have the least recoil, and then test them out again with attachments. Try to find a sweet spot between the two, and have weapon options as well. You might not be able to get the most powerful gun right away, but knowing which one has near enough stopping power but is more commonly found goes a long way.

Hopefully our tips and tricks can help you survive and thrive in PUBG Mobile, look out for more of our content on this battle royale classic.

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