PUBG's snow map could Sweeple, with PUBG PS4


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PUBG will soon receive the site of Vikendi to be released sometime in C1 2018.

Player Player Battle Battles (PUBG) will be the battalion battalion that is very popular with the # 39; get a Vikendi snow map. Earlier it was reported that the map was released sometime in C1 2018. Now, now, YouTube tracks are named Allthenewsisgoodnews, reconstructed and digitized to digitize their map page; show how it looks. The map was uploaded to the server, which means that Tencent Games could be made alive.

The refined map shows that its & # 39; game now with rocket, command center, soldiers and towers. The map currently loses any delay and it can not be completely correct because microfeatures are added to the # 39; map after it has been done online.

Sony has recently introduced pre-order orders for its PS Store game. The list included the Vikendi event pass, which was a. expected to live for users in 2019. Due to its fact, it is very possible that Tencent Games could spread the map alongside PUBG PS4 on December 7.

Tencent Games released today PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 updated on iOS and Android. Along with the upgrade, its company has also started to stage 4 of the game; promoting progress and incorporating new developments. The update requires a new game mode, vehicle, armor, rare clothing, hair style and much more.

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It's a royale game online game; in PUBG, where they have 100 nursery players and with the help of their collecting skills and their permanent weaknesses to be lost and killed to win. To make the game-play more exciting and funny in the safe circle where players can stay safe and do not; suffer any lesser damage. To win the incredible chicken dinner, the players need to try to be a person standing. The game is currently available on PC, Xbox One and Mobile platforms.

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