Public announcement Dam Vinh Hung Phan Ngoc Luan agrees to bed to rent a bed to PR himself


Original text Vinh Hung Dam shared Phan Ngoc Luan:

Perhaps people are looking forward to the Dam Vinh Hung speech right?

I know! I'm calm because I'm not the same as this media game more.

But I have to say! Due to FAITH and FACT

Are you ready to play? Now it's Dam Vinh Hung.

Ladies and nobles!

The students are almost children. Unfortunately, I have to teach!

Due to the fact that there is some disruption to & # 39; hearing the advice and advice of non-minded people and together to choose a tale so bad to attract attention and that there are many ideas for the promotion of their musical materials to be new. a wind today!

Phan Ngoc Luan! I am still a student in England. This can not be changed!

As a student! NOT. So Dai does not give you an enemy! He is willing to help his students in a variety of ways, from spiritual to finance or at times at special times such as new materials, private music nights, birthdays, newspaper weddings meetings … But he never has to oppose such a thing! And for many years he is still proud of his teaching style for the children!

When you see any news about your success or winning a new game, one of them is proud of it; in you. But today a child was broken there! You have to teach!

Thank you! This time, I am now going through SAI

I do not know about it at this time! Two weeks ago, director Tran Vi Read my article about the big girls who paid for their love! He had a message that if he had met, he would advise him not to be involved in such things. He also texted quickly. I have a stomach too. Then I'm not out of this funny arrest!

It is uncertain how the audience and their public opinion will deal. But the other students had a chance to get a brother like me! When you do this you and the team are doing; Think of the people who are attracted to you that you do not do that?

You know, even though drugs have been hit and have been shaken up with open questions that are prepared, you are even frightened to be cut off! Are you blind and believe that the dirty things will help you become famous? And your product has led people to see who is Fear Fear Luong who is so afraid? Such words have been sent to me. As a result, you're up to date!

If there is nothing else, there will be no relationship like this! Do you know Dam Vinh Hung? The rest is how you carry behavior: Absolute failure or ignorance is an option. I will adore your greatness! If you check the truth as you say. I hope everyone gets the chance to correct Luan right!

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