Public sector unemployment continues following a meeting without ministers of National Finance and Labor


Without new suggestions for the percentage of salary assessment and absenteeism of Divisional, Finance and Labor ministers, the eighth meeting between the Government and its staff in the 15 public sector unions was improved . An Paralysis continues in the public domain of the country, who will be attending this Wednesday for the third day after each other through a behavioral shifts.

For the third day after each other, the unemployment of public sector staff has since been extended there are negotiations regarding the amount of salary valuation that they maintain with the Government; to continue, before the Finance and Labor Ministers were present to the eighth meeting held for Tuesday.

I think it is not possible to solve the problems and so it does not matter if it's going to exist or not

– Barbara Figueroa, president of the CUT, for the lack of Labor Minister

The small participation of State Runners continues to & # 39; eliminating the talks, the officers expressed, and the number of economic proposals did not surround, so the figures are unchanged.

An Work & Recommend name 6%, as long as the Government does; offers 3.1%, which corresponds to 0.2% true, discount on Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Indeed, day-to-day work developments were due to be stamped in a protocol within the organization, subject to obtaining the agreement that could be in .

Minister Felipe Larrane himself asked to attend the meeting as a result of comprehensive processing of the draft Budget in the Transport, which did not happen in the case of Minister Nicolás Monckeberg, creating criticism from the president of Scotland Central Unit of Workers (CUT), Barbara Figueroa.

"I suppose he can not solve figures and that's why it's not different if a minister is going to go; unresolved or unresolved. The important thing, if they did not participate, would be the result of force majeure, "said Figueroa.

Ramón Chanqueo, president of the National Coalition of Municipal Officers in Chile, said that the Government has no spirit to cooperate in the " negotiation.

President of the School of Generalists, Mario Aguilar, said that the authorities were making a bad move, which, warning him, creating a situation of conflicts.

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Prior to the meeting, the Finance Minister, Felipe Larrane, had confirmed that he had debated the change number They are planning to take place in other regional topics.

Pressure (Millibars)

The president of the Municipal Health Officers, Gabriela Flores, made a positive evaluation of the telephones on Tuesday, which made up 90% of the retention.


The parties will meet again at 9:30 am Wednesday at the Ministry of Finance, and staff will be paralyzed at a national level and ask for a flag at Plaza de la Constitución at 10:30 am .

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