Public services: Despite the agreement, there are still strikes in the air


Although the union of the school and craft union representing nurses and staff in social care has reached agreement with the government, a quorum must also be implemented. The resurrection talks respond promptly.

Just one month after the start of the negotiations, the team of government talks agreed to eliminate salary problems and eliminate the measures that were going on; currently with the Sultan Education, Science and Culture Trade Union and crafts unions representing nurses and social care staff. At an agreement, worth 306 million euros, according to unofficial information, the main settlement of the government Patrick Pogačar says that the government has set the goal that it has been trying to do all the time, that is, there will be no strikes in December. And the Secretary General of Swaziland Branimir Štrukelj says that the agreement "with which we have done everything that was usually agreed in the spring" will not mean the December strike. Initially, the agreement must be started, which should take place on Wednesday, and then the decision of the Main Strike Committee is to be done; offset the strike Finally, the strike will be suspended when affirming the membership agreement and it is clear that the requisite quorum for the validity of the general agreement is reached. However, the government and trade unions that have agreed to meet a quorum, depending on the extent to which a general agreement has been made sufficient for the approval of trade union unions which, # 39; representing at least 40% of public sector staff from at least four tasks.

The three trade unions agree with the government that any higher wages or salaries will be paid higher in January 2019, those ranked up to the 26th level. Those in excess of 26 million salaries would qualify for two additional salary classes, but others would be paid in November 2019. Who would be suitable for three higher salary batteries or 12% increase , including those with a masters and doctoral degree, nurses in intensive care III units and post-exits, the last four percentages would be paid in September 2020. Classrooms would also qualify for three classes wages.

The government also agreed to increase installments by September 2019, and increase the contribution for night work from 30 to 40 per cent of the hourly basic salary rate, working Sundays from 75 to 90 per cent, and Working for a holiday of 90 to 120 per cent. South West They would also build a permanent allowance and a & # 39; abolish a 23% train to work with dementia. Staff standards and standards should be agreed by September 2019 and implemented by 2020. Slavica Mencingar, president of the Healthcare Workers Union, although they are not completely satisfied with the agreement, they are still suited to them. "It's normal, as usual," he said Zvonko Vukadinovič, President of the Health and Social Care Union. The two hope that health unions will participate in a ' Co-ordination of Passive Committees on the name signed by the agreement Jakoba PočivavškaThe Deputy The last person has made a bribe to protest on today's discussions, since the government did not take the next year to find out if the government had agreed some of the freewillings in Some trade unions, and some relationships needed to be corrected. As they work, the Odyssey will decide tomorrow. Pogačar, however, hopes to listen to government arguments and other trade unions, thus enabling some higher civilian civil servants to get higher before January.

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