Public transport of passengers: Amara publishes a plan for the next five years


Public passenger transport Amara publishes its plan for the next five years
Public passenger transport Amara publishes its plan for the next five years

The Minister for Equipment, Transportation, Network and Water, Abdelkader Amara, proposed the strategy for the modernization and development of public passenger transport department Saturday.

This strategic vision will be achieved in a framework of close collaboration between the Ministry and the department's companies, through a four-pile program contract registration, explained the Minister during a review day of "Ath employee of public passenger transport department ". The first column has a & # 39; Focusing on the development of the legal arsenal that the department's management says, it says that it is made of 4 clothes, that is to review the department's legal framework, changing specific provisions of the Traffic Roads, changes to passenger fares, and simplification of administrative methods. A. Amara suggested that the second column relates to the establishment of a quality framework and quality assurance and quality in the department. Depending on, the quality objective of the services to coach passengers is to be developed, to refresh the reception facilities, to improve the social conditions of people working in the region, and to promote energy efficiency and respect for the environment. In terms of the third pillar, it aims to improve its & # 39; a transport company by ensuring the strengthening of skills and human resource professionalism; coach fleet renovation, and professional production group. The fourth statue of the department's management is to proceed with regard to the establishment of the National Transport Theater, the national management mechanism for the department according to the advanced division, system renewal and control equipment, and control unfair competition and price estimate. At the moment, the monograph of the department has been exhibited as well as the layout of its program and program; reflects the strategic vision of the next five years for the modernization of passenger public transport department. Approximately 250 delegates from around 20 professional public transport authorities participated in this Audit Day, as well as representatives from the ministerial departments involved, two Chambers of Parliament and the heads of a number of public bodies.

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