Published In 2013 And beyond Indeed, indeed, Xbox One And there's a "PC below" to come out


Below, the hard game from Capybara Games, finally – is, really right now – to come out. The indie title for launching Xbox One and PC will be launched on 14 December, the studio has confirmed today.

It has been a long way to release it, as Capybara was first named all over in 2013. In 2016, Capybara delayed the game all the time one. Talk to, Nathan Vella, head of Capybara, said it might be a mistake. be described below as early.

"We are not sure we're going to identify things too soon [in future], that's sure, "he said." Without learning Number 1. We know a lot more about when games are ready for the debate. In the five years since we published, we have learned a lot and that's a huge lot of our knowledge. "

Below is a rougelike stone cradle where landowners are on the island of a desert island, and the only place that falls into a cave. Then you will grow deeper and deeper in the secret "below."

You can look at the disinfection below. In addition, you can look at nine minutes of play at the top of the page.

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