Publishing 100 Sustainable Companies in Vietnam 2018


The program is run by the Prime Minister assigned to the Chamber of Business and the Business of Vietnam with almost 500 requests. Initiatives need to go through a rigorous selection process from a high level and submit them to the Appraisal Council, and including the Chamber of Business and the Vietnam Business, along with other ministries: the Labor Ministry's Premier Party, Anti-War and Social Affairs, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Business and Trade Ministry, Ministry of Natural and Environmental Resources, Common General Alliance Vietnam and the State Labor Party.

In order to reach the list of 100 sustainable businesses in 2018, businesses need to meet the strictest screening criteria 131 based on the Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI). An integrated program of international customs and standards, together with the current Vietnamese lawsuit, will help businesses to build effective and robust management. Therefore, it is considered that this is a measure of value, the mirror reflects growth; business.

2018 The program has received prestigious businesses

2018 The program has received prestigious businesses

In the list of 100 ordinary businesses, as well as famous notices such as Vingroup Group, Vinamilk Component Stock Company, Coca-Cola Vietnam Beverages Company Limited, Commercial Stock Banking for Investment and Investment … many companies were named as "sustainable enterprise" as the Tam Binh Pharmacy. This is an indication of the efforts of its Company in recent years.

Le Thi Binh Ms. - The General Co-Director of Tam Binh Pharmaceutical Company was awarded the 2018 Sustainable Enterprise title

Le. Le Thi Binh – Senior Director of the Tam Binh Pharmaceutical Company We received the 2018 Sustainable Business title

To achieve this noble title, Tam Binh Pharmaceutical has met the criteria in the areas that include: legal compliance, environmental protection, corporate governance, product commitments about customer and customer satisfaction cleansers; health care, welfare for staff; social responsibility …

The quality assurance of the products will be & # 39; Creating trust in customers, helping businesses to & # 39; Sustainable development, Company's results such as Tam Binh, Tam Binh Gout, Tam Binh, Binh, Tam Binh, digestive … have been determined in detail, with the permission of the Ministry of Health and his / most patients across the country; believe.

As one of Vietnamese's famous medical motifs, Pharmaceuticals Tam Binh is always resident by law, and Ensure business development, sale of sale and market expansion. The company has the correct instructions, which & # 39; building professional staff, and constantly developing technology and improving their technology. using modern technology.

Pharmacist With Thi Binh -

Pharmacist With Thi Binh – "Captain" to guide Tam Binh's boats to become stronger

For sustainable development, Tam Binh also built a special business culture. Employees of their company will Welcoming all benefits, insurance arrangements, health care and welfare to employees by law, even higher than the order. In addition, the company also has a & # 39; organize training and professional skills for staff. To confirm the development of social responsibility-related initiatives, The company always participates in charitable activities such as medical examination and medicine, free remedies, gifts for the poorer people, people in remote areas. remote ferry, accident …

Not only is a story in a consistent software and business rating program but also proud of each enterprise. It is also a & # 39; proof of meaning and the reasons for the sustainable development of the Vietnamese business community. Since then, the products of Vietnam's campaigns can compete in the international market and become a national signal, the national pride.

Thien Dung

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