Puc officially enter the competition & # 39; to compete for Kiet, and & # 39; Promoting Han with a life memoir


– – In the 86 program, Rice has just released a jail, causing a new wave of wave for the family and a competition: Huong and "storm bridesmaids" Trinh was convinced, and Phuc is very strong "" Combining sentence to life …

Episode 86 begins with sweet as sugarballs: A flavor of a & # 39; falls and is taken into care of Walls walls. Not only do you invite the doctor to the house, Wall also with a hand cooking porridge for Huong. Give evidence on her & # 39; Concerning worries, Huang's attention once, identifies himself as a surplus in Huong's house.

In another movement, published by the Han day, the members of the house did not have a peace fair. Mai. In front of the keeper gate, Han has scammed Huong and Uncle Quang for the "crime" to go to # 39; built late. When he was coming to the house, Hân continued to face her, leaving the house so small and long to impose Huong without worrying about the cost of renting homes for parents.

The spectators expect Mai's wonderful girl's daughter to change her as she wants her xinxing to have her, Breaking all the customs: A foolish still she's still; watching "mother of earth", because he never made a mistake. Han does not change, Mai is no longer. There was a Day's Day, she expanded her hand to welcome her daughter and she still loves, like the day of Han's day. Mr Wang was pleased and Kiet chose to look away to share happiness with his family May. Mrs. no. Dao tight with her & # 39; his clan.

While the family was a? Waiting for Han eating party party members, he refused to refuse because of the reason … tired! At this time, said "the storm of the bride storm", Trinh without carelessly telling Han, Han has self-courage, idleness that all the family hid in the toilet. In fact, Ms. Miss did not let her see her. wife married her daughter badly and so she went into a couple with Trinh … So b & # 39; It's a family meal May the bad heart and bad luck Milleadh Trinh.

From Kiet and Puc, since he became aware of the child's truth, Kiet is becoming increasingly paternal, caring for larger girls. Although he does not tell Puc that he knows everything, but Kiet said he wanted to go to. get rid of her love, her father's care. At the same time, Kiet also mentions his mother Puc to return home to visit his father.

The second half of the 86 program is a series of programs that move around Han. Trinh said the evil was engraved by the family and the story of Kiet "phat" after the divorce divide, Han was calling a game on Aunty and then gone away.

Come to Kiet, Han saw happily with Puc's mother. Do not add "lost white", Employed hard, ask Puc to leave Kiet's life. But the most spectacular thing is Puc's strong idea. The second time with the Phuc slap, Han was surprised. Phuc took hold of his hand and said a verse that affects life: "My sister and brother did not share my relationship with me. In regards to me and Kiet is no longer related to you. children away as remedies. "

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