Pulwama Attack: Pakistan Savings Association wants two quotes away from New Delhi World Cup, ISSF Conditions of Conditions "Poverty"


After a terrible attack on Pulwama, Wednesday posted Sunday Packs Wednesday to the international party, trying to drop the two halts of 25m early fire for the 2020 Olympics, ; the World Cup opening in New Delhi. The terrorist attack, killed 40 CRPF workers, doubts Pakistan's makers' partners in competition, and # 39; starting on February 23. "The ISSF received a letter from the Palestinian consortium, trying to offer quota places in their events shooters were scheduled to take part.

This is what the secretary general of ISSF said, "said the official official of the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI).
Pakastan had applied for violence for two soldiers – G M Bashir and Khalil Ahmed – in the fast fire department as the event in New Delhi also attends the 2020 Olympic Games.

The ambassadors of the Soviet International Sports Federation of Vladimir Lisin and the general secretary of Alexander Ratner in New Delhi for the mega event.

Although Lisin could do her; With Ratman's Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Ratner said that the decision was to determine the quota places in charge of her. The International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range had the highest ISSF officers in the afternoon, even as the global group said the emergency situation.

"The ISSF World Cup in New Delhi has a strong look because Pakistani athletes can not get into entry access to participate in the competition, because terrorist attacks occurred in India, "said a global sporting body in a statement.

"The ISSF and the Competition Organizing Committee are all attempting to solve the situation to avoid the avoidance of the Pakistani team's half team.

"In addition, the ISSF and its Organizational Committee consider the potential implications for India as a host country for international competitions in the context of Come, in every sport, "he said.

At the same time, checking out that the door is still open to troops from across the border despite the rising tension between the two countries after a terrible attack, the Secretary General NRAI DV Seetharama Rao wants the government to go with "government's aspirations and orders".

"I can only tell you that they are expected to come today, it is the government's responsibility to give the visa. The government has not asked us to let them go. If the The government will give them the vsaa, we'll keep it. We can not do anything, "said Rao.

"We will continue and comply with the rules and rules of Indian government.

Long before this unfortunate event, we put out invitations and bugs, "he said.

Asking about the potential implications of the IOC if the Pakistani troops are not allowed to participate in the World Cup, Rao said that the NRAI would consider the subject with the ISSF.

"We need to give it the way it comes. We have to sit with the ISSF and talk about things. Every action has a face-to-face operation."

Raze President of Pakistan's Raze National Federation of Rifle Federation (NSRF) Pakistan Raze Ahmed said they did not participate in the World Cup in New Delhi as no markers had been sent issued by a visa from the Indian Commission.

There will be a total of 503 total of 58 hostel-hosted countries with eight of the 10 events that showcase; offers 16 venues for Tokyo Games.

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