Purchasing foreign and foundations built by the benefits of Emaar


Abu Dhabi: Muhannad Dagher

The museums welcomed many of the local divisions yesterday, focussing on «land estates» and «banks», increased market segment of more than 600 million people, led by purchasing from overseas and from an institution, which came up with the Dubai market index to the highest of 2.58% and Abu Dhabi 0.51%.

Emaar showed more foreign consolidations, rising by 6.24%, increasing in all sectors, with Arabtec up 5%, Damage 4.76%, Emaar Development 3.1%, Emaar Properties 6.13 Union Features and 1.94%.

Web hosting of non-Arabs overseas investors in Dubai over AED 60 million as a buy-in and 22 million AED in Abu Dhabi, while investing investments in both markets also ; hit 95 million AED.

"Emaar has attracted more than 2 per cent of overseas purchase since September 2018, over 140 million shares," said Dean Kanaan's financial analysis. "The current hope is still higher, at AED 4.70 to AED5.10.

Kanaan said the stranger purchase is between 5 and 7 million per day, based on the strong results that have been achieved. company.

Waddah Al-Taha's financial analysis said that the biggest challenge was the DFM's capacity to exceed 2,600 points, and Emaar Properties could buy foreign purchases and was actively involved in a & # 39; construction of Emaar buildings.

AED 627.4 million were in the # 39; and AED 343.6 million in Dubai, AED 283.8 million in Abu Dhabi, with a total of 253 million shares, distributed by 188.3 million departments in Dubai and 64.8 million departments in Abu Dhabi.

The shares of 59 companies were different, and the shares of 38 companies, as long as sections of 13 companies fell, by 6447 businesses. The Dubai Financial Market index expanded 2.58% to the highest of 6 December 2018 at 2,632 points, inspired by property, investment, banking, insurance, materials and transport benefits.

The property sector built up 5.39% due to Emaar's increase with 6.24%, Arabtec 5%, Damac for 4.76%, Emaar for Development 3.1%, Emaar Properties for 6.13% and Union Features for 1.94%.

The banking department rose by 1.44%, rising Islamic 2.18% and Emirates NBD 0.97%.

The investment sector changed 2.67% after a 2.5% increase of Dubai Businesses, Dubai Financial Market 3.12% and Shuaa Capital 3%.

The transport department rose 1.45% after Air Arabia increased 0.75% and Aramex received 2.17%. Exchange Securities Exchange exchange rate increases 0.51% to 5060.89 points, driven by shares of banks, estate, energy, business and goods.

The 0.6% banking division rises, led by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (5.9%) and National Bank (3.10%), despite the decline of Abu Dhabi in 0.27%.

The share department acquired 3.19%, with Aldar receiving 3.51%, Ashraq a & # 39; 1.86% and Ras Al Khaimah Rents up 1.1%.

The energy department received 0.91%, with Dana Gas receiving 1.46% and ADNOC to & # 39; 0.45% spread.

Emaar continued its Dubai market management at AED 101 million, rising 6.24% to AED 4.6. B & # 39; Islamic Islamic Bank is the largest stock owned by AED 62 million, or 2.18% to AED 5.16. To AED 38.5 million, up 5% to AED 2.1.

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi is the biggest benefit in the & # 39; market with AED 57.5 million, up 3.45% for closing at AED 5.4, and after the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank with AED 55.25 million, up 5.9% to AED 9.7. Trading »It is currently selling at AED 53.7 million, and & # 39; falling 0.27% to AED 14.8. Emaar was the biggest benefit in Dubai, with the biggest financial dealerships in the world. loss of international spending, down 9.64% to AED 0.356.

In Abu Dhabi market, "Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank" recorded the greatest potential, and "National Corpus for Tourism and Hotels" fell; most 9.52% to 1.52 AED.

With regard to the nations in the UAE market, foreign investments and GCC intends to buy, with a web investment of AED 113.12 million, and AED 82.6 million were foreign customers and 30.5 million customers were h-AED compared to Arab and local investors. With the AED 113.12 million web investment and sales of AED 110.85 million, out of AED 2.3 million sold by Arabs as a whole.

Recorded strong investment investments of AED 95 million investment investments, with AED 39 million in Abu Dhabi and AED 56 million in Dubai.

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