Put down the big words and the truths of renewables, saying CEC


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The Clean Energy Council has called for a resettlement of energy policy by the main political parties of Australia, such as the 2019 federal elections and its; approaching.

With power coalition power policy in disasters, and federal Labor impedes a '# 39; loss of losses from members, the CEC says there is time to "remove the big sticks" and get the right national energy market.

According to the CEC, that means accepting that at least half of the Australian power should be delivered by renewable energy such as solar, wind and electricity by 2030, and its # 39 ; promises to divide any distribution electricity well by 2050.

"Federal politics have failed the power of energy users. Leadership from the next federal government is essential to provide cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy," CEA Kane Thornton said Monday's comments.

"The Clean Energy Council has developed a package of policy guides that will help to create an amazing moment in the sector and create jobs and invest it to an Australian in regional communities.

"We should also start the planning of its infrastructure to bring renewable energy to its rest of the world through hydrogen and high voltage hydro-electric," said Thornton .

And he also asked for a commitment from the main parties to expand the life of the Australian Renewable Energy Group and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which he explained as essential agencies.

"There is a clean energy time within reach, but we need effective planning and policy at a federal level to get in," said Thornton.

"We look forward to working with the federal government and the Labor Party about policy development, as well as providing advice to who wins the next election. "

The 10 recommendations from the Clean Energy Advice policy guidelines are divided into the following sections:

* Participate with a 50% target of renewable energy at least by 2030, as well as the electricity division of a very large volume of electricity before 2050
* Accelerate reforms and financial support to develop the Australian electricity distribution network for future clean energy
* Encourage the use of energy sources such as batteries and hydropower
* Maintain a Small Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES)
* Sun power mandate in every new home
* Innovation support in finance, technology and integration. The Australian Renewable Energy Group (ARENA) and its Clean Energy Finance Company (CEFC)
* Participate in the development of a comprehensive energy export strategy
* Developing support skills to meet the growing needs of a business
* Support to establish product and recruit manufacturing industry
* Develop any national electricity safety group.

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