PUT THE SERVICE OF THE ZAJEČAR! He crossed the tape opposite and pulled himself into a traffic signal and stopped Fiat! (PHOTO) | Black Chronicle


In a traffic accident that occurred in the center of Zajecar on its place, a motorcycle driver died, and one man was injured by the head and transferred to an emergency center.

picture: Suzana Božinović

The accident happened on 8:30 morning this morning at General Gambete Street.

picture: Suzana Božinović

The accident happened when a taxi vehicle, traveling through General Gambete Street, moved from the gas station direction, for unknown reasons, from a road to the road side of the road and hit the traffic signal, and then to "Fiat" t Punto "parked on the well."

picture: Suzana Božinović

The ongoing monitoring will inform the cause of the accident.



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