Put two minutes at home to do business


Luu Van Cuc (35 years old) has a relationship with Lam Lam (32 years old) but has been a recent struggle. To encourage partners, Cuc mines will take home to take the car from Bac Giang to Nghe to Lam's house.

At 1:11 a.m, the mice will enter the relationship with two mines with about 0.4 kilograms of spreadsheets in the hall, and slowly abandoned the fire and left. At 5m on the same day, two mines were broken to destroy the Mac OS cars of cars. No mother and daughter were injured.

For half a month, police arrested Cuc hid in the Bac Giang continent.

On 20 November, police in the Luong (Nghe An) district charged the accused, arrested Cuc on the crime Damage to any property of the building; Threat to kill people; Creating and & # 39; stops unlawfully stored. A daughter has a criminal record of weapons and spreads.

* The passive name has changed.

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