Putting four officers in Hanoi to doing others & # 39; each other on Launched silver exhibitions


According to the reporter's report, a video clip occurred in a housing and Housing Management unit in Hanoi and Mr B, C, D, T is a cadres of this unit.

It is known that four in the "punish" grid each other use the face value from 20 miles to 100 miles.

Wanting four officers in Hanoi kill each other & # 39; on the silver screen - picture 1Each game will promise each penalty every hundred. Picture cut from video clip.

Previously, in connection with the cash game, on October 29, Nguyen Van Huyen, the General Director of the Road Traffic Administration of Vietnam has signed his name to; The decision to send two drivers Mr Nguyen Thanh Duong (SN 1966) and Trinh Phuc Dung (SN 1978).

According to the definition of Nguyen Thanh Duong, about 15h45 on June 27, 1818, as long as he was a waiting for the move, played with three in the driving driver carts in the form of silver at the end of the session. Each hand will win, a & # 39; lose 2 to 4 miles. I do not know how to drink alcohol, Mr Yang agreed to take part in "enough feet", without paying money.

For this reason, Mr Nguyen Van Huyen, July 10, signed the name to decide to establish a verification team. After a lot of meetings, internal links, on September 5, Huyen sent the proof decision.

On 29 October 1818, Nguyen Van Huyen, General Director of the Road Traffic Administration of Vietnam, dominated Mr Duong and Mr Dung at the highest level: Discharge.

Tien Phong newspaper continues to tell about this event

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