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QNAP customers make network-related storage devices say there is a bad problem of malware of an old-school school that's a Delete software recovery by hosting hostages & # 39; hospitals file.

The total effects of malware, so far, are unidentified – but users have said that the most obvious symptom is that around 700 entries are added to / etc / hosts File that redirects several requests to IP address

This said that the user has used the QNAP ianch99 forum, its antivirus from updating by making out all software applications on the seller's website. Others said that MalwareRemover was making its own Taiwanese NAS toollets, although it is not known whether these two are connected.

"If you forget these entries, the update will be OK enough but they will return after replacing," on ianch99. So far, a script that gave QNAP the same cure; , and one useful Reddit user who subsequently added it is given by one of the store's technology in live chat.

Qnap TS-453mini NAS box

There is no time for napadh, update your QNAP: data from NAS RAIDed that lost corrugated stone


Other users believed publicly about the QNAPs who are willing to ask anything about the privacy malware, with its Reg reader tells us: "The population that uses a wider QNAP can be achieved by leading your favorite organs."

QNAP did not reply when The Register send it to her & # 39; The company has an idea of ​​these initiatives, and did not publicize the malware at the time of writing.

Two years ago, a company from Biz is a Taiwanese chief for a serious disaster; RAID contamination data could be rebuilt "through uncomfortable calculations". It was pushed last.

For those who have not hit around the most quieter oils of their operating systems, / etc / hosts Try to find habitat names made from the host machine to go to named IP addresses. The usual non-courageous use is to block unnecessary sites.

Although it is useful for ongoing campaigns with colleagues to make amazing things such as re-directing Google to Bing, the simplest is a & # 39; means that malware authors have an attractive target hitting anti-malware programs, such as Malwarebytes named a few years ago. ®

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