Quakers riders make stunts and a & # 39; climb the bar at The Cenotaph, cure it as a "spectrum park"


Young people riding on video quizzes and stunts performed and a & # 39; climbing to Parapet at The Cenotaph in Esplanade Park.

The Cenotaph is a war memorial that defines the sacrifice of people who were killed during the First World War and II.

Stomper Mr Tan he noticed Stomp to a video of the incident and said: "Wah, so here's a war memorial. Is it permissible?"

The video was originally posted by a Facebook user, Shaq A. Mohd, on November 17 at 6.30pm and shared on the Singapore Events Events page the next day.

The video starts with a squared rider; move from the right side of the screen, and carry over the steps of the screen; monument.

A large group of youths is shown on the steps.

Most of them also have squares.

There are bags around the area and more squirrel riders try to get over the steps.

Some of the riders are the kids' quotes, and some are shown to spread parapet.

Many Facebook users have seen a bad impact on their video and they have contributed to the comments section. they could be the voice of the assassin.

Facebook user Abdul Malik, Mohammed Ghazali, has given out the scouting riders to tackle the war memorial as if they were not able to do so. It was a spatial park.

Facebook user, Ng Ming Jie, advised them to go to a patio park.

The Facebook user Kian Wee Max felt it was anticipated that the wartime was dead for Singapore.

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