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This is the second session in a series, the Labor work time is just over 20 days, much shorter than the previous session.

However, apart from the 15 draft laws agreed and agreed at this session, the National Assembly (NA) has carried out a work program with many important issues: President's election ; Confirmation of Total Partnership and Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and associated instruments; Motoring voters for titles agreed and agreed by the National Assembly …

However, what often leaves many people after two recent meetings is the quality of lawsuit quality, the main work of each parliamentary session. After more than three years of license, the Government has proposed a change in Public Investment Law as "new barriers need to be resolved." South Westerly

And from the plan to amend and improve some of the articles of the law, the Government proposes to change the amended Public Investment law for a broad review by 18 different policy groups. However, all the proposed policies did not receive it. agreement bill from NA rulers as well as the probation authority. Finance Committee – Budget Committee – the probationer BOD – even a & # 39; recommends that the draft law should not be given at the meeting because of "an order that follows, an impact assessment is not completed" …

It is not difficult to find examples of a well-prepared law draft, such as the amended Public Investment law at this meeting as well as previous meetings. A Public Administration Law bill, after many years of preparation, was also proposed by the Sustainable Committee NA to be stopped and removed from the legislative program.

Then, the new law has not yet been valid, the "life to" process should not be evaluated to introduce arrangements, even, even to come into to life; It has to be resolved, it appears to be "everyday" growth in legislative work.

Indeed, it is difficult to request a high level of the draft law in just 20 days from the meeting. The National Assembly is considering up to 15 bills and its # 39; Suggestions for up to 15 bills, not to describe major workloads. Judge Nguyen Hoa Binh, High Court was reported to his / her; Justice, saying: "Do we need to find out what laws we have?"

However, from another perspective, the lawsuit process is still unsuitable as each law is assigned to one department and when it arrives at the authorities, it will be given to one department that is oversight of administration. Many policy proposals in the draft law are even the opinion of an expert who has not gone through one of the evaluations.

What constitutes the legal development of the normal system is to manage the ongoing social relationships. That is, it must come from the very useful need of real life. So, when the law is being praised, & # 39; Suggest as a way to create favorable situations, even for the benefit of the regulator, the law that has been encouraged is still very difficult to get into life.

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