Quang Binh promotes and promotes tourism in Ho Chi Minh City Travel


Quang Binh is a major department with many advantages, capacities and resources to develop tourism in Vietnam. It is considered that this is the "cave kingdom" as the largest Son Doong Cave in the world, the largest cave in the world, the Thien Duong cave – the most dry cave in Asia, Phong Nha Cave, Tien Son cave , dark cave …

Quang Binh is estimated to be welcomed in 2018 about 3.9 million visitors (up 12.1% over the same period), and international visitors came around 180,000. Total tourism income is estimated at 4.255 billion, up 12% over the same period. International experts thought that Quang Binh could be the main destination of travel and recreation by 2030 in Vietnam and southeast Asia with 8 million visitors (about 3 million people international visitors).

Ho Chi Minh City is the main tourist marketing and Quang Binh can have tourists. In the current time of 4.0, the question is related to connecting and & # 39; Co-creation of tourism areas and nuclear destinations is an essential and crucial move for tourism and service development.


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