Quang Hai is sending a & # 39; victory after Myanmar


He can not get three points together in the Myanmar tour, Quang Hai has said midfielder that he will try to be in a position. played well with Vietnam's only phone call over Cambodia in the last game.

Quang Hai is sending a & # 39; victory after Myanmar

The game was held on the 20/11 at the Thuwunna Estate in Yangon, Myanmar, Vietnam. Fixed telephones were very difficult to still be in. getting involved in the home team's net.

Quang Hai is sending a & # 39; victory after Myanmar
Quang Hai can not help Vietnam's team hit Myanmar 20/11

The 0-0 draw is clear that both this Hang Park and the Vietnam players are not targeting this game. So, not all of them were very happy after leaving the field with just one point,

Sharing Sharing after Myanmar, Quang Hai midfielder said: "We have to play well in the next game. Vietnam's football needs to be more relaxed in every situation. According to its game , we need to focus on playing well and trying to achieve many goals.

Today the team played in 90 minutes. He said that there was a lack of fortune in Vietnam Phone in this game that should not be able to win. At the game against Cambodia, the whole team needs to put the whole strength to win the three points.

The next game between Vietnam and Cambodia will be held on the Hang Diem garden at 19h30 on 24/11. This tour is with the ticket ticket live between Malaysia and Myanmar.



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