Quang Hai was not satisfied after the Myanmar draw


Sharing on the official AFF Cup website, Nguyen Quang Hai midfielder says that the Vietnam team needs to be further developed to win the competition.

Quang Hai was not satisfied after the Myanmar draw

On the night of November 20, Telephony had 3 full details of the trip to Staun Thuwunna in Myanmar. The 0-0 draw resulted that the Hang Seo coach team would not get tickets early and that he still needed to achieve one point in front of Cambodia.

Quang Hai was not satisfied after the Myanmar draw
Quang Hai was not happy with the team's performance after Myanmar had taken

Midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai commented that the whole team was happy with a 0-0 impact over Myanmar at Thuwunna, but further development needed to be progressed and aimed at broadcasting.

He said: "We try our best, but clearly every time, not every area has its full potential. We need further development.

In short-term, Vietnam should aim to complete in the # 39; final, and must continue to play stable to win the essential results in the & # 39; Upcoming game with Cambodia. Then, I believe that the guides and changes from coach staff are in place; VN VN helps you to play better and aim to have a & # 39; encouraged.

At the 2018 AFF Cup, Quang Hai is still led by Park Hang Seo in the middle of the midfield game with Xuan Truong. However, in this situation, Quang Hai is not as an explosion as the U23 in Asia earlier this year when it was sent to 5 goals with its aims to life.


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