Quang Ninh started at sea for over 8,000 billion VND


According to the Quang Ninh Province population, tunneling through Cua Luc Bay is an important project for the continent, which tackles the problem of reducing the Bai Chay bridge users, Overcoming the constraints when the bridge during weather conditions is poor and increasing The continent promotes the selection of design councilors, requiring strong investors to participate.

In order to shorten the inventory schedule, a & n administration board project (the unit designated by the local Government Committee as the investor to prepare investment) Competence survey and feasibility survey report for joint offers.

At this time, an application for survey consultation and a feasibility study was set up in a home-based offer by using foreign experts. The Consultant Consultant of Transport Engineering (TEDI) is in conjunction with foreign experts from Oriental Consutanls Global (Japan); Mr Takahashi Masatada is the leader of the project – one of the main engineers in the tunnel, in particular a land tunnel with 50 years of knowledge in Japan.

To date, the Project Management Board has completed the selection of contractors (contracting contractors); The consultant has done the consultation, consulting with the community and relevant agencies and organizations. At the same time, to analyze and & # 39; measure the range and complete the report on environmental impact assessment.

Representatives from TEDI consultants and experts from Eastal Consutanls Global, analyzed geological, topographical, aquatic, landscape and site cutting analysis, the most impossible Underground tunnels, instead of bridges and TBM tunnels.

Many countries in the world, such as Japan and Turkey, are famous for safety and efficiency. The Cua Luc tunnel is designed by 6 sites, a total of 2,140m, with a steel tunnel length of more than 1,000m, a 60km / hour planned distance.

Based on the analysis and comparison of the alignment options, the consultation unit proposes the most impossible option for the Quang Ninh Area Party Standing Committee to comment. Therefore, the first point of the route is on Ha Long Road, there are openings on the Ha Long Road to the end of a shophouse area; park; in front of Queen Queen's Car 100m into the underground ground. The last one is connected to the Vinhomes Ben Doan Coast Road.

With this option, the tunnel site is 530 meters from the Bai Chay bridge to Long Long Bay. The benefits of the direct line plan are the geometric elements that are suitable for construction and use, adequate and reasonable connectivity, site solution costs and lower investment. Its project has a total of 8,000 billion VND from the State budget.

According to the Departmental People's Committee, to date, the consultancy unit has coordinated by the agencies that are involved in completing the survey of river beds, geological survey, geological geography .

According to the Quang Ninh Transport Department, preparation work for Cua Luc Tunnel is a going on. If the legal procedure is completed on schedule in 2018, it is expected to start the Cuc Lu tunnel in September 2019.

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