Quantum Technology, the new battlefield between the United States and China


The news only appeared in some of the special media.

The United States National Council of Science and Technology published in September the latest strategy for the development of Science on Quantum Information (CIC).

The 15-page report reflects the aims of the Donald Trump Government they must continue to develop and strengthen their abilities in the CHC.

And to talk about the strategies presented, educators, government officials and representatives of the technology and the company's financial companies were invited to the White House, including the Alphabet, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell and Northrop Grumman.

A $ 249 million investment was also announced for 118 projects related to this science area.

On the other side of the world, In China, there is something similar to it too.


China has made great money for computer research and common communication. Reuters

The Beijing government is a new build Quantum Information Sciences National Laboratory in Hefei, in Anhui region, with a cost of $ 10,000 million, and hope to start in 2020.

After launching this, two years ago, of what was described as the first science satellite.

And on the announcement, last year, on creating an "interesting" communication network in Jinan, with only 200 users: military and government and private officials.

Given that the world's two global giants compete in the development of CHCs, confirming the importance of this area, which is said to be He is so powerful that he will change the world.

What's in the CHC

What is of major technologies is a promise that emerges in the way in which it is & is; preparing information, as explained to the BBC Mundo, Alejandro Pozas-Kerstjens, researcher at the Photonic Sciences Institute in Barcelona and Theory of Quantum Information Group.

"All the information is coded in a bilingual system – in humans and some – but near the 60s it finds that the location where that information is stored can be a difference in the can be done, "he says.

"I mean, and I can record classical information on a computer cabin – as we do now – but we can store the hells and those in other systems, for example in single atom or in small molecules"

a relative code

All information is coded into a bilingual system – in neom and some – but the location where the stored data can be done is a difference in what can be done with that information. Getty Images

"The behavior of these atoms and those molecules, because they are so small, are ordered by other rules. And those rules that cause atom behavior and molecules are the rules of the world, of a quantum theory," said the scientist.

In this way, what scientific science is quantum in trying to maximize the quantum features of what is happening? appear in very few systems to improve the processing and distribution of information, among others.

What is committed by the CICs is to come out in the way we process information, which will opening new opportunities for thousands of applications in areas that come from advances in health and science, drug-making and business-making to new defensive systems.

Quantum Technology, according to experts, "everything can change."

That's why the most powerful countries in the world are competitive to do; the management of the CHC.

Number of satellites

Judgment with the advances that have been shown so far in a quantum technology range, it is possible to say that China is ahead.

In 2016, Beijing published that its first satellite was largely launched and a year later said that it was possible to use that satellite to set it up explain impossible crioptte communication through the eyes of others.

"Two tested tests. The first one performed large communication with the satellite from the ground and then, taking advantage of that satellite, communication was made between two points on the ground with a huge sign in which the satellite made a repetition between these two points on the ground, "explains Alejandro Pozas.

Common communication

China said it was mostly used to create satellite to create encrypted communication that could not be expressed by the eyes of others. SPL

We can not enable this, to be able to find out whether information has been provided or reached by its destination, the classical technologies or the information procedures we use at the moment.

And although the Chinese tests were proof of the concept, that country did realize that it was possible to do so.

"It is true that they have been confirmed that they can do it, but now the level of operation is not reached for a large business application ", the researcher will add.

Quantum Computers, the "holy grail"

It has not been possible to reach this in the quantum computers field.

There are several companies in different countries trying to develop and Although they were created experimentally, they are still unable to market.

"In effect, the quantum computer is the holy love," said the researcher at the Photonic Sciences Institute in Barcelona.

"This is where the efforts in the CHC move directly or indirectly", saying.


All of the efforts in the CHC range are to move to quantum computer development. Getty Images

Classic computing, which works in pieces, operates the information only in two states, zero or one (on or off).

Quantum computing, on the other hand, also works with the enhancement of the two states and using the movement of the foatomic items for processing data so much effort is treated with classic computing.

Although technology is almost theoretical at present, it is anticipated that the calculation of something done, which experts say, will have similar classic computers we see the abacus.

In the United States, companies like IBM, Google and Microsoft are developing their own quantum computers.

And the same is happening in China, where private companies – such as Alibaba and Baidu – are involved in creating quantum computers.


It is said that Google has continued in a quantum computer performance with a 72-qubits-powered process development. Getty Images

But these computers are not easy to build: the maximum number of quantum (qubits) steps is capable of reaching a single computer.

That is said Google is going to its & # 39; the foreground Developing a process with a power of 72 qubits.

And besides that, the problem of keeping up. These computers need to be kept at a very cold temperature to work.

The development of quantum computers capable of operating at room temperature is currently a search area on which countries focus on their efforts.


But how much technology is going to do? future regeneration?

As explained by Alejandro Pozas-Kerstjens, what can we expect "as the ones that created the appearance of first computers ".


Quantum computing uses the move of subatomic elements to process data in dimensions that can not be done by classical computing. Getty Images

"Since we can do things that are currently telling us a lot, such as manufacturing cure or prototyping, or trying to reduce traffic pathways to try to spend less fuel."

"That kind of thing will be a problem with a quantum computer."

But the governments of these quantum technologies may be most interested in the defense area, from being able to make secure communications until attack planes are detected.

And who can say that he is winning this quantumic race?

As Pozas-Kerstjens says, here it's a "many head" race.

"Maybe we can say that in quantum quantum computer maybe the United States is at the forefront, but in a common field of communication China seems to be winning."

"There are many things in a quantum technology range and many countries are trying to move on or manage some of these things."

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