Quarry drainage in Borba is a & # 39; coming tonight tonight



Due to the problems in a quarry drainage, a fourth pipe was added to remove more water

The water impeded Civil Defense work to protect the quarries where EN255 fell. However, the district leader indicated that work will begin again at 11:00 p.m.

They were named during preparation. By returning the jobs to & # 39; let us "the ways in which we need to work together and be enthusiastic," José Ribeiro said. The work was set up so that it could work every day and night.

Out of the three are missing, the information left from Monday, when the road collapses the backup and two light carriages, which do not. means any response. José Ribeiro stresses that the ongoing work is tight and tight; take time.

The problem in draining the water has delayed its & # 39; process to find the victims and their cars. A fourth tube was placed so the water that was pulled back would be higher.

"We are aware of the problem of the work that needs to be developed in a number of steps, but we are all committed to this mission," said José Ribeiro.

The headteacher also said that the sonar given by the Navy on Thursday might be more aware of the base of their quarry.

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