Quattrocs: Pinamar sets new demands and restrictions restricted to "safe corridors"


Like the dunts and the pineachan and the sandy streets and the camouflaged scenery in the woods, the quadricycle came in the last decades of part of a sustainable summer landscape climb of Pinamar and its departments. Identity cooperation for some, badly bad for others, these initiatives were born as country carriage and changed into a division of Dakar rally they are used for pleasure and partnership, but every summer, unfortunately, is causing people to disturb – with deaths; including – questioning their use and control.

In a visit to detect a failure and state constraints to avoid awareness and avoid lack of control, as much of January there is more than 12,000 quad It is considered to be attacked on the & # 39; town as splitting, from Emerald Coast up Cariló, they need Pay attention to new rules and travel on specific routes, at risk of fine if they leave.

In addition to the beach, where motor vehicles were stopped for two years, as it is called "safe walks" They do not leave an unexpected location of Pinamar. They were elected by the Municipal Power Group following an order voted by the Interactive Council in 2018.

Unlike his neighbor Villa Gesell, where there is a restriction for curved roads, the most important new interests in the city are. this town circulate ban through Bunge, type of "bone-bone" map, from the snap by Enrique Shaw and also to use Avenida del Mar, and from then on they will only be at the best to be & # 39; passing cars and trucks (can it be one day walker?).

In the Town that they explained Group: One of the urban aims of breaking traffic at Bunge and del Mar roadway. And those who use them go to the locality of the forts called "Borders"Mar Cariló, use the outside streets to the town and far away to the beachas it is Avenue Translation.

The needs of each driver in the summer, apart from the helmetit driver license with the individual department, proof of ownership habitat (with a non-title ID and / or to buy an invoice together with a certificate in case of a case corresponding to the type of vehicle), confirmation of safe current and most recent.

In addition, the quads and UTV have been reached by the new rules They need a two-meter antenna with a caption on its & # 39; the summit. The aim is to drive drivers to identify themselves between the tumors and the drop in the brooks.

From 2 January, the driver's license will be allowed to complete throughout the continent. Drivers must carry out a driving test on some of the possible routes. For now, the closest to Pinamar is in Gesell. However, This will run for those who still do not have the license with the motorcycle; For these users the verification is maintained to the date of their border, and then they have to be removed, if they have been deleted; they need it.

The home order also gives creation "safe distribution areas", which are created by use and use in the "end" areas of the north and south. The Planning Council agrees that signage of revenue and expenses, the direction of compulsory distribution, boundaries of area areas, local features, expansion and acceleration, which have the highest possible height established by department law 30km per hour.

However, The forts area is still a danger. The windows where quads are usually privately used, so the State does not have power to focus tours and use policing power.

"As a state, no other authority is an awareness, landowners know, we hold meetings, agree with the need to take care, but once a person passes The allowed area does not have State controls and it is possible for accidents to occur", they introduced the consultant for Cambiemos Javier Pizzolito, a professional cycling pilot.

The Municipality of Pinamar 35 traffic control agents. It is expected that it will increase the amount from those who put the Distribution and from National Road Safety Group. Polls are already based in the "safe areas" situation and other travelers.

Pizzolito recognizes that the high level of accidents and deaths are created by a & # 39; Using quads they need more time. "It's a very complex law to do and implement it It takes a while to educate its users. Surely from Deliberative Council we will try again with the results of this summer, "said the consultant / pilot.

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